"CELT" was originally written for film but became a stage perfomance. Ex RSC director, Sue Best, brilliant set designer, Sharon Lamb (worked with Cameron Mackintosh) and Margie Douglas twice winner of 'The Drama Association Of Wales' prize, were all core members of the team.....and Paul Farrer of 'Weakest Link', 'Dancing On Ice' & the creator of the latest ITV hit "1,000 Heartbeats" helped out with some big drums on 'Song Of Salvation'- the 1st song on the promno above - "Song Of Sacrifice" being the second.

 TWO TRIBES                                                       WELSH BORDER                                                  4,000 B.C.
The two tribes are similar but with widening differences - one is destroyed by the consequences of human frailty: betrayal, inconsolable loss and isolation....... the other is the future of humankind.






THE SEQUANNI tribe - led by Warrior Queen, Sequanna (from whose name the river Seine derives) are nomadic, insular and aggressive. ARDAN, the minstrel, returns with stories and news of another tribe,  THE CORITANI, who farm the land, raise animals and enjoy the security of a more predictable food supply. Ardan is enchanted with the ways of this tribe and also with the daughter (LAHANA) of their Chief (LUGH); they represent the way forward - the future. A golden chalice is to be presented to Lugh at the Feast of Samhain. This chalice is the cue for betrayal when TRENDHORN (errant Sequanni druid) in his bid for power, ‘dreams‘ of their annihilation at the hands of the Coritani. He underestimates the consequences..... and a tragic sequence of events unfolds.                           


What can we do? Lend me your ears...

fyi...about the tracks

This piece could be a short stand-alone or I might extend it and create something much bigger. I have sung in some very good choirs in my time and I love writing for voices - this was inspired by the death of a good friend. we can write special pieces for any life event.

This was for a BBC pilot; a true story of two brothers living in a remote Welsh farm who hire a young woman as housekeeper. Unsurprisingly, both brothers fall for the girl and one ultimately, kills the other. It would make a great story for a TV  drama - film-makers where are you?

At Discovery Channel they had 3 composers pitching for the title track of "Bear Sanctuary" - a TV series about saving the poor 'Dancing Bears' of Eastern Europe....I'm very happy that they gave it to me but all three composers offered first drafts before the final decision - this was mine.